Top 10 Places To Vacation (Part-2)

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Top 10 Places To Vacation (Part-2)

Top Vacation Destinations

If you loved the spots mentioned in the last article, you may be a little surprised to find some of the places below make the top destination list.  That’s because many of these are on the list due to the booming night life.

6 North Conway, NH

This is a town that has isolated itself from the big city life. It does this with the intention to serve more adventure to visitors who are interested. North Conway has a lot of skiing options, breathtaking fall foliage characterized by fresh air, plus many more. Summer activities can be enjoyed down at the Saco river.

Hiking enthusiasts can go through the winding trails of Bretton Woods. They can also catch an old-fashioned train at Conway Scenic Railroad to connect between the town and nearby cities. As for the food menus, travelers have the option of stopping midway to enjoy cider dognuts, thanks to the efforts of White Mountain Cider Company. If not, they can choose to stay in the train to enjoy their meals there.

7 Indianapolis

Indianapolis is a hot spot for anything that qualifies under the category of automotive sports. It’s home to the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway, so visitors with a passion for anything car-related can have a good time enjoying what they love most.

However, if you love books, you can head straight to a place called Vonnegut Memorial Library. Actually, Night life on vacationthis library pays homage to a famous author who was born and also raised in Indianapolis. What’s more, the city houses the largest kids museum, so if you’re coming along with children, don’t forget to add it into your list.

8 Greenville, SC

The most outstanding feature in Greenville is the Reedy River which flows through the town and into the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s home to Falls park, located in the historical West End. Falls park is where people from all walks of life gather to play, work or celebrate.



Greenville also has 6 state parks to welcome visitors. So there is no shortage of where to go once you arrive in Greenville. Furthermore, if you’ve always yearned to find out how Moonshine tastes like, experience it at Dark Corner Distillery. Also, the picturesque streets house independently-owned shops, restaurants, museums and so much more.

9 Oakland, CA

Skyline of Greenville south carolinaWhat originally belonged to San Francisco has eventually found its way into Oakland, CA and taken its own form. You cannot miss out on the food menus of Brooklyn by the Bay (as it is known by some people).

The weather tends to be warmer than that which is experienced in San Francisco. What this means is that farmers will always take their farm produce to Lake Merritt, where visitors and residents can enjoy fresh garden stuff. The streets are parked with food trucks, plus restaurants serve good food at reasonable price tags. It’s all there for you to sample.

10 Duluth, MN

It is situated between Lake Superior and the Mountains. It’s a hub for bikers, hikers, riders, kayakers, skiers and anybody else who loves the outdoor. It has a 296 mile-long hiking trail endowed with scenic beauty. It’s definitely a good vacation spot to try out especially if you plan to drop some calories this year. Duluth has great eaters, plus breweries are beginning to pop up everywhere.

You cannot run out of places to vacation when in the U.S. This is just a short collection of the many great places you can visit each year. Don’t restrict yourself to this list though. It was meant for purposes of kick-starting your adrenaline rush.

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Top 10 Places To Vacation In The United States

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Top 10 Places To Vacation In The United States

Top 10 Places To Vacation In The United States written by: kenn65 Statistics show that the average American family only takes two vacation trips each year, and an additional trip for visiting relatives. So if you need an inspiration for your next trip, be sure to read through till the end. This piece of information covers some of the best kept secrets among travel enthusiasts in America. It covers great beaches, splendid nightlife hot spots, mountain regions, cities with vibrant life, to anything in between. So here we go:

Top 10 Places To Vacation in the U.S

1. Charleston, South Carolina This area was originally known as Charles Town when it was named after the second King of England. Today, it’s considered one of the oldest and second largest city in the area. Charleston is know to offer a variety of features and activities for visitors who might be interested in vacationing there.

2. Queens, NY

Queens has a lot of surprises for tourists who dare to explore. It embraces diversity with unique art scenes, restaurants, craft breweries like Finback Brewery which is also notorious for its famous beer products.

You can also visit Rockaway beach which offers a good environment for summer holiday makers. Here, you will also end up paying cheaper hotel rates than if you chose to stay in the city. There’s simply a lot more to indulge in.

Night Life in charleston south carolina

3. Western South Dakota

If you love the beauty and charm of a small town, perhaps Western South Dakota will serve your purpose well. This town is endowed with sprawling grassland where wild horses and buffaloes love to roam. It has a facility called Mount Rushmore which attracts millions of tourists each year. We can’t forget to mention state parks like Badlands and Custer. Also, don’t forget to sample historic battle sites and memorials in Western South Dakota. Visit the town during Sturgis Motorcycle Rally to have a chance of mingling with over 500,000 bikers.

4. New Orleans

It’s one of the most active cities in America. It boasts of an extensive nightlife, unparalleled music scenes, tasty food menus, and a rich cultural history. It’s a place that every tourist wants to go. If you’re interested in more action, choose to make your trip during Mardi Gras.

However, if you prefer to visit New Orleans when it’s in a relaxed groove, you can sample what historical sites like the French Quarter has for you. Again, New Orleans is said to be the home of Jazz music, so don’t miss out of the sweet melodies of Jazz music in the evening.

5.  Colorado River Region

It begins flowing in Colorado, at a place called Rocky Mountain National Park, then it cuts its way through Utah and Arizona regions before finding its way through the Grand Canyon. So if you need some wild rafting, this is the place to be.

The rafting routes feature breath-taking turns, snow-capped Rockies and miles of great nature elements that haven’t been tainted by man. You definitely have to include it in your list of places to visit.

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The Best European Destinations for Adventurers

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The Best European Destinations for Adventurers

Tourism and sport are two interrelated activities. Sport in contemporary tourism is becoming not only the content of stay, but often the main motive for traveling to certain tourist destinations. Such an attitude has led to the development of specific types of tourism: sports and recreational tourism. Some people enjoy recreation or extreme sports. There are so many places in Europe you can enjoy.

From the glacier and volcano in Iceland to the crystal clear waters around the Canary Islands, we present the best European destinations for adventurers.

When we think of a trip to Europe, the first association to us is an old architecture, museums and galleries. We all know that this continent is the best choice if you care about the history, culture and diverse culinary experiences, but it is also a place where you can find some of the world’s most memorable adventures. Of course, only if you are willing to get away from urban areas, wear boots and get ready for action! To help you to inspire we’ve done some research, so we could find you an interesting destination that will satisfy your adventurous side.


If you like hiking, Berchtesgaden will be a paradise for you. This mountainous region is full of walking routes, including the most popular one around the lake Königssee.

Interlaken, Switzerland

The advantage of this region in the Alps is as that it’s equally interesting during all seasons. Hikers and climbers will certainly have here what to do, and for those who have come to rest there is Jungfraubahn train line that winds its way around mountains and glaciers and provides tour with incredible landscapes.

Madeira, Portugal

Far from mainland Europe to the Atlantic Ocean is this Portuguese archipelago. Although traditionally known for its wines and a relaxed atmosphere, lately is very popular with surfers, as well as hikers and climbers who enjoy passing between its volcanic peaks.

tarifa_kitesurfing_campTarifa, Spain

Tarifa is a small town on the sea near the Strait of Gibraltar which famous to people in Spain primarily by one thing: the wind. Fans of surfing and other water sports will not be disappointed if you visit this place.

Alpine_glow_Dolomites_St_Magdalena_Italy-LDolomites, Italy

Mountain Basin Dolomites in northern Italy during the winter is a popular destination for skiers and snowboarders and climbers. After recreation, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the surrounding nature in one of the charming villages which are located on the mountain.


Mont Blanc, France

Besides being the highest peak in Europe, Mont Blanc has the status of one of the most popular destinations among adventurers. Whether you care about paragliding, mountain climbing or even research inland glaciers, offer such activities in this part of France you will not be disappointed.

Spain-Canary-Islands Canary Islands, Spain

As another group of islands off the mainland Europe, the Canary Islands have a specific environment that allows different types of activities. The advantage of this place is convenient for water sports. For lovers of traditional holidays, there are beautiful sandy beaches covered with palm trees.

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